Scouting Life Reflection

Definition of "SCOUT"
[31 March 2009]

If I ask you the definition of "SCOUT", what will be your answer?

Daily turn of good? The Scout sign? Scout Promise and Law? Uniform group? Youth education? Personal development? A progressive training system? Badges and awards? Outdoor programmes? Camping? Foot drilling? Community service? A global movement? World friendship? A game?

May be all above are correct, depending on your perception. There's certainly no definite answer. In a recent occasion I've got a new insight on how to define my "SCOUT" definition. Let's share it with you:

S - Self
C - Contribute
O - Oriented
U - United
T - Trust

Being a scout, we need self-involvement. Besides, building self-understanding, self-essteem, self-responsibility and self-respect are the core values of Scouting. More importantly, you need to be yourself.

The vision of Scouting is to make contribution to creating a better world. We're dedicated to take responsibility and contribute to our society as a global citizen.

Scouting is a progressive and systematic training for youth members, with ambitions and aspirations in youth development. To achieve the vision and mission of Scouting, we must have the devotion to follow our path to success.

Scouting life is a group life. By adopting the patrol or team system in scouting programmes we're motivated to work as a team and realize the importance of teamwork, which strengthening our unity and social adaptability in return.

The scout promise and law put an emphasis on trust. At the moment you make the scout promise, you show your honour to keep the promise. When we live with the scout law, we always bear in mind that a scout is to be trusted. One person will only be respected if he or she is being trusted. In teamwork members of team also need trust among each other to create a synergy effect for the team. Therefore, a scout cannot live without trusting others and being trusted.

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