About Us

voyager.hk - Scout Inspires
is a Hong Kong based Scouting website on self awareness and personal development. It aims for personal enligthenment and spiritual development of scouts with a vision of creating a better world.

We are a group of scouters who keen on the advancement of Scouting development in our local community and cultivation of youth members becoming a good citizen. In 2008, we've pioneered adventure.voyager.hk, a service portal of experiential education for scouts.

Mission and Vision of Scouting

*This is a personal website on Scouting. It is not affiliated to WOSM and Scout Association of Hong Kong.


The Family of voyager.hk

  • voyager.hk - Scout Inspires - Scout Inspires - Website on Scouting and personal development [February 2004]

  • nature.voyager.hk - Back to Nature, Back to Origin - Exploring the Hong Kong Nature [March 2005]

  • adventure.voyager.hk - An Experiential Approach in Scouting Programme - The premier service portal of experiential education for scouts [December 2008]